TSA Management increases productivity, people engagement and scales business growth

Agilyx designed and delivered a fully integrated Certinia system for TSA Management, with a single platform used across the entire organisation – replacing multiple legacy systems and aged business processes. The new system was chosen not only for its broad usability across multiple teams and processes, but also for its ability to scale with the business and advance with future technological developments. All of this has been achieved with an eye to continuous quality, best practice development principles, and standardised business and accounting practices.

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Sydney, NSW

The Challenge

As a rapidly growing business, TSA quickly realised it was hamstrung by manual processes and disjointed systems that didn’t communicate with each other or allow clean, efficient flows and automation. The process to create and approve project proposals was time consuming and staff struggled to understand where proposals were at and what their status was as they progressed. It was also time consuming and repetitive for staff to run each month’s close-out financials, with data needing to be manually aggregated across multiple subsidiaries and systems, some of which had to be run multiple times for different currencies and geographies. TSA determined that their growing business required a unified solution that would enable them to run clear, clean, efficient processes that freed up their team to produce better insights to performance, track and close proposals faster, resource projects more effectively, all while maximising resource utilisation and enhance productivity.

The Solution

Certinia PS Cloud

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Key Takeaways

Empowered to smoothly scale to an 80% increase in projects and beyond

Improved data integrity

Real-time visibility

“With Agilyx and our Certinia solutions, we can ensure all consulting-related information seamlessly flows from sales to services to invoices, paving the way for our continued growth. We now have one source of truth, faster invoicing and faster month-end closes. “

– Lynette Wells, CIO, TSA Management

The Results

Within months of going live with their new Certinia PS Cloud solution, TSA Management have realised tremendous efficiencies and scaled the platform to ensure users can gain real-time insights to daily and weekly performance measures. Building on this success, they’re excited to explore additional ways they can use Certiniae to improve their business processes. Moreover, they expect to increase their project margins now they’re able to more closely track project data and visualise actionable insights quickly.

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